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Cisco compatible 802.11b/g radio with industry standard wireless security protocols.

The CK31’s Wi-Fi® certified 802.11b/g radio, which includes compatibility with a Cisco infrastructure, insures the very best available wireless network throughput and reliability. A handy communication dock provides wired host connectivity.

Security features of the CK31 support the highest standard of protection. The CK31 complies in full with 802.1x standards such as the Windows standard EAP-TLS and PEAP, EAPTTLS and compatibility with many
existing networks with LEAP support.

The CK31 includes a high capacity lithiumion battery not less than a full shift of usage without having to replace the battery. With the addition of Intermec’s SmartSystems™, the CK31 may be used to remotely manage peripherals as well as to remotely and easily manage global deployments.